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My Sarah Jane Podcast

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Showing the History and Important Events of Sarah Jane Smith.

My Sarah Jane
There have been many Sarah Jane fangirls through the years. Children who watched as a petite young woman introduced herself as a reporter and went on to be one of the greatest feminist heroines of our time through Doctor Who. Now their children, and (for some) grandchildren, are able to see all her actions from yesteryear transmit into modern day television via The Sarah Jane Adventures. Through it all, there have been many other missions for one Sarah Jane Smith. Whether they be shown on the screen, via audios, novels, or even comics, Sarah Jane has tackled them time and time again head on. Through the My Sarah Jane podcast, I hope to shed some light in the history and times of Sarah Jane Smith for young and old crowds alike with a humorous twist and some interesting facts. Though Elisabeth Sladen may be gone in real life, her legacy will still live on through one Sarah Jane Smith (who remains alive and well in the Doctor Who universe).